July 3, 2018

Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011 Proposed to End Unemployment Discrimination

“A new bill introduced on capitol hill would forbid employers from rejecting applicants because they are unemployed. Supported by Representatives Rosa DeLuaro of Connecticut and Henry Johnson Jr. of Georgia, the introduction of the Fair Employment Act of 2011 falls just behind the release of a new report from the National Employment Law Project. The report shows that the exclusion of unemployed workers from a companies prospective employment pool is at an all time high. In a study conducted on online job posting boards an overwhelming number of employment opportunities outright state that applicants “”must be employed.”" Companies, such as Allstate Insurance, Home Builder Recruiters of American, and even several Universities are not even trying to hid their discrimination. Some companies have even gone so far as to say that applicants must be employed on a permanent basis. Others were more lenient and required that applicants without jobs must only be recently unemployed. That does nothing for the millions of Americans that have been unemployed for more than six months.

“”It is unjust for employers to discriminate against those who are unemployed,”" said Representative DeLauro. In an economy that is more stagnant than fluid, more than six million Americans are currently unemployed and this new trend companies are following is making it even more difficult for Americans to get back to work. Supporters of the bill claim that what the companies are doing is in direct violation of a citizens rights, the right for equal opportunity of employment. The practice is also a negative for the American economy as a whole and makes it so that only those who are currently employed can even attempt to get a job, a job that they do not need. Leaving the unemployed Americans in an unending cycle of job seeking and pro-longing the economic hardships that this country is facing.

Polls show that the American public overwhelmingly approves of the proposed bill with eighty percent saying it is a very unfair practice and two to one saying that some sort of ban should be put in place to prevent companies from turning down applicants because of their current employment status.”

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Ron Paul to Retire from Congress and Focus on Presidential Race

“Veteran Congressman Ron Paul announced Tuesday that he will not be running for re-election to Congress next year, instead focussing his attention on his run for President.

Rep. Paul, who won the Republican Straw Poll in New Orleans last month, is receiving growing support for his Presidential run, but he has said he will serve out his current term which ends in December 2012, regardless of the outcome of his bid to become President.

“”I think that you have more credibility if you run for only one office at a time,”" said Paul, who has been criticized in the past for running for both President and Congress at the same time. “”I felt it was better that I concentrate on one election,”" he said. “”It’s about that time when I should change tactics.”"

A former obstetrician, Paul has been a Congressman for 24 years, serving 12 terms for a Southeast Texas district. His unorthodox mix of Republican and libertarian politics has earned him the name “”the intellectual godfather”" of the tea party movement.

“”Ron has served Texans in Congress with distinction for nearly 24 years as a fierce advocate for a more limited government. His steadfast devotion to his core beliefs has earned him the respect and loyalty from Texans and Americans of all walks of life,”" said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas.

Paul is opposed to US military overseas involvement, is in favor of legalizing marijuana, and is strongly opposed to the Internal Revenue Service and Federal Reserve, going as far as introducing legislation to abolish them.

Paul’s run for presidency has delighted the Texas Democratic Party, especially with the possibility of another Texas Republican, Governor Rick Perry, entering the race.

Texas Democratic Party spokesperson Kristen commented “”Ron Paul has long been an unorthodox politician, someone who’s defied GOP politicians as well as Democrats. He’s likely to carry that quality into the GOP presidential field, where he could cause problems for Rick Perry and other Republicans by calling them out for the hypocrisy and inconsistency within their party.”"

In June, Paul became the first 2012 Republican Presidential candidate to sign the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge, which calls for changes in the debt limit, taxation and spending cuts. It also supports a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution.”

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How To Write A Member Of The House Of Representatives

Preparation and planning are important. A legislative matter is to be discussed and the proper format letter needs to be written. Thought in how to execute this is necessary to be effective. Maybe it is a specific issue or matter that is to be addressed to convey the message to make a difference in our country. The house of representatives have members that are capable of answering questions and helping to solve problems.

house of representatives

The salutation or open greeting should be kind and courteous. It should fit the style of the letter written. Start by making sure the correct format is used. The date should be followed by the representative’s full name. The address should follow as well as the state and zip code. If not sure who the elected official of state is, be sure to inquire about the zip code.

Having reviewed some of the issues handled by the house will help in your presentation. Knowing their views on state issues will help to support the cause. Explaining things simply and factually will speed up the process in the event that they want to return correspondence. It is at their discretion and disposal to investigate more alternative avenues to help the people when deemed necessary. They meet and vote at scheduled times to bring up the important issues relative to the citizens of each district.

The proposed laws and resolutions are taken into consideration for submission to the voters and are regarded seriously when voting favorably. Consideration by the legislature originates in the house of representatives. Once again having the knowledge of your state will eventually help in the deciding of the case.

Have all information and materials at hand supporting your views. This should be written in a logical timely manner. Explain your purpose and reason for writing. Explain the relationship to the area or interests concerning the subject with which the letter is directed. Whatever your position or issue be prepared to write the important details. Don’t be vague or general. Try to be very specific.

In the first sentence of the letter state your purpose and reasons for the position on this subject. Give supportive examples and show how it will help locally and at large. Be specific and stay with one issue. Share some general history and share concerns with past and present and pending future developments.

It would be beneficial to give examples to demonstrate the impact associated with the legislation interested in changing or discussing future helps. Government representatives are there and want to know concerns. They represent state and personal matters and are there to serve the people of their state.

If at all possible try to keep the letter to one page. If an issue is pending make sure deadline dates are reasonable for change. Always let them know your appreciation for their time. Be cordial and thank them for their time and consideration of issues discussed in the letter. Writing and expressing views are important and the result will be well worth the time and effort involved when getting involved in your government.

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