June 30, 2018

How Election Works In The US

How election works in the United States is such a privilege for each and every American. What a joy that this country gives us the opportunity to give our opinions and have a voting process to elect officials and have a say in making the laws of this great land. It is our sacred rite.


The United States mail will be part of the process in the voting experience. Your state will send ballots out and information concerning the local offices, especially if you have registered to vote. If confused about this, it helps to talk to people in your vicinity, assuming that you have changed residence.

The day of the election can be overwhelming. Plan on arriving early. Polls usually open in most states between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning. Sometimes it differs in the evening and will close between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00. If in doubt, call your election office. They are there to help and are glad to be of assistance. Friends could have the buddy system and accompany each other saving time and energy. Planning ahead always makes for a better experience.

Don’t be intimidated by the workers of the poll station. They are not paid employees and don’t work for the government. They receive a very small stipend. Donation of their time is to our benefit. Be kind and courteous. People may be hurrying in and out. There may be a line depending on the time of day. Don’t hesitate to ask a poll worker if not understanding the procedures. They are there to ensure that the results are fair and honest.

Bring a photo identification because some states require this. Current address must be proven by a power bill or some mail with residence on it. Bring any notes you have taken on different issues and officials running for office with you when you are ready to vote. Privacy ensures that only you know the outcome of your ballot.

The media has much to say about how an election should be. Television and discussion with other family members and employees may sway the way you feel about an issue. It is important to do homework about the political issues and the candidates running for office.

The media may even be outside the polling station asking people which candidate they voted for. Depending on the state this is prohibited inside the polling place, and usually outside too. The requirements are clear that voters do not have to give any information to the media or poll takers.

We have two different parties represented. These are the Democratic and Republican Party. Usually on premises are two election judges. They have been chosen to handle disputes. This can be to deter any false information or just to ensure that the whole process is done fairly and everyone is treated equal. Election judges have a very important job because they are responsible for safe keeping of the sealed ballots. The opening and closing of the ballot station depends on their performance.

Fill out the ballot to the best of your ability after reading all instructions. Knowing that you have done your part as an American citizen is satisfying. Judgments and decisions are something that you had a part in. Election works in the United States and is part of your rights as an American citizen.

Additional information at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election